The Treasure Hoard of Danger Tower

Danger Tower is a tottering heap of refuse halfway between Arklight’s dump and the nearest inn. Used as a hide-out by the Danger Gang, it also serves as a repository for items shared by the adventurers exploring Numenhalla. When not adventuring in the depths of Numenhalla, Mad Bill Danger may be found here to identify items and offer Mad Bill Danger rumours and quests.

Items borrowed must be returned in good condition. Consumables must be replaced with an item of equivalent value. Bill encourages all to contribute items.

Battle Axe
Rusty Mercurial Greatsword
Screwhead Spear
War Mace
Magical Rapier + 1 / + 3 vs. Reptiles (Lost with James Fighterman in the depths of the Contested Area)
Flametongue Longsword + 1 (Recovered from Transikar the Ghoul King by Hogar & co.)
Dwarven Throwing Hammer + 1 (+ 3 when wielded by a dwarf, returns to hand when thrown)
Cold Iron Hand Axe (Glows in the presence of Chaotic when wielded by a dwarf)
The Personal Flamethrower
The Halbroad, the halberd of a bro fishman.
Ring of X-Ray Vision
Rod of Smiting
Longsword +1 of Bleeding (1 HP bleed damage per round)

Midnight Blue Cloak
Shiny Black Calfskin Hide Armour
Silver Banded Mail + 1 (heals wearer 1/day for 2d6 HP)
Mad Bill’s Skull Mask (Recovered from Transikar’s body!)
Shield +1
Astral Steel Plate (Resists Astral Attacks)
Siddarthan Chainmail
Chainmail + 1 (Provides 2d8 temp HP 1/day) (Currently lost with James Fighterman in the depths of the Contested Area

5 Large sacks
Bill’s Batshit Bag (40lbs. of hallucinogenic guano)
4 × 1 lb. Solvent D grenades (3d4 damage per round for 2 rounds)
6 Flasks of Solvent D
Elixir of Heroic Aid
Philter of Insanity Shield
Potion of Cure Blindness
Potion of Shrieking
5 Thieves Oils
Dragon Liver
Dragon Adrenal Gland
Dragon Eyes

Alchemical Essences
1 Decay
4 Healing
1 Light
3 Magic
3 Memory
3 Mind
2 Percipient
2 Protection
2 Stasis
2 Stealth
3 Transformation


Manual of Lockpicking

Mad Bill’s Special Still
All potions may be purchased at the cost of producing them by characters who have adventured with Bill:

Elixir of Constitution Improvement
Elixir of Healing [75 gp, 2 days, DC 6, Materials: Purified Water (1 ounce), Rare Earths (1 dram), Troll Blood/Healing Essence (4 drams), Powdered Pearl (5 carats), Powdered Gold (1 dram)]
Elixir of Wisdom Improvement
Flame Paste
Potion of Arcane Intensity [500 gold, 3 days, DC 7
Purified Water (1 ounce), Rare Earths (1 dram), Dragon’s or Angel’s Heart/Magic Essence (5 drams), Intellect Devourer Brain/Mind Essence (10 drams), Obliviax Moss/ Memory Essence (4 drams), Powdered Silver (10 drams)]
Potion of Fur Growth
Potion of Fire Immunity
Potion of Good Fortune
Solvent A
Solvent D Grenade
Thieves Oil

Other Bill Danger AC 4 HP 35 Bite 1d6+3
The Monkey, a near-sighted chain-smoking monkey of foul temper who brings good luck to whoever adventures with him.
Amenocles the Vast, Fighter 2 w/ two handed sword, shield, 10ft. pole
Haft, a dungeoneering, goggle-wearing dog with packs full of goodies! Grappling Hook, Long Handled Tongs, Rope Ladder (40’), Crowbar, Block and Tackle, Iron Spikes, Flint and Steel, Lantern, Chalk, and 2 empty Large Sacks.

Classes Unlocked
Dragon Mage

Mad Bill Danger Quests
Danger Quests are available to any who will dare them.

Discover Bill’s Last Name – Bill will give his red Ioun Stone to anyone who can discover his last name. He will not tell people willingly, but appreciates a good trick.

Get Wrecked with Bill – Bill will trade potions he can make at 1:1 with anyone who turns over at least one sample of one hallucinogenic / intoxicating / poisonous / magical / otherwise amusing substance with an explanation of what it does. Alchemical essences from monsters are ideal. Multiples are OK.

Mad Bill Merch – Bill occasionally writes his name in chalk on items and curios in the dungeon that he wants but doesn’t care to haul around himself. Bringing one back to Danger Tower gets all your items identified for free or one cast of the Divination spell on your behalf.

The Danger Insurance Company

The Danger Insurance Company is Numenhalla’s finest and most reliable insurance against Mad Bill-induced death, dismemberment, disability and loss / damage to property. Stockholders in the company are entitled to a share of the profits realised by the company from monstrous payees, but are expected to honour the policies of the company and not kill, dismember, disable or steal from policy-holders without provocation. Documentation will be required of policy-holders who wish to claim their policies, and may be issued by any stockholder or duly authorised officer of the company able to read and write. Stockholders are considered to be de facto policy-holders.

The cost is a very reasonable 1gp / HD / month for policy-holders in Numenhalla, while shares may be bought for 50gp / each. Payments may either be made directly to duly authorised officers of the company and stockholders travelling the dungeon, or dropped off at one of several secure collection points (TBD). Non-payment will result in the immediate revocation of one’s policy until such time as any amount in arrears is duly tendered.

Current Stockholders:

Mad Bill Danger
Other Bill Danger
The Monkey
Zim Thrallkiller
Torsh Barar
Kandel Lier

The Treasure Hoard of Danger Tower

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