Smoky Starkwell


Name: Smoky Starkwell (aka The Mouse)
Race/Class: Halfling (locked)/Tenebrist Shadow Mage
Level: 5/5
XP: 31,477/36000
Alignment: N

Spell List:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Blacksteel Blindness Creeping Shadow
Penumbra Wall of Gloom Darkening Bolt
Shadow Weapon Blur (X) Deeper Darkness
Silence 15’ Radius (X) Invisibility Shadow Blink
Sleep (X) Dancing Shadows (X) Shadow Bolt (X)
TBD Shadow Anchor Wraithform

Blackmailed for 10gp per month (beginning of each session).
I have black scales and a forked tongue.
I have cusps that let me sense life force.
I have dragon eyes. They give me infravision 120’, detect invisibility 1-3 times a day, and true seeing 1-2 times a week. They give me freaky bulbous fishy eyes, which look just fetching with my scales and forked tongue.
I get a +1 bonus to spell rolls (bowl of Imokhek).
Dice pool: 7/7
+2 bonus to saves against undead effects
+4 bonus on saves against fear

Strength 12 0 Poison 3, 2 if targeted
Dexterity 13 +1 Paralysis 7, 5 if targeted
Constitution 13 +1 Breath Weapon 9, 7 if targeted
Intelligence 11 0 Spells 11, 9 if targeted
Wisdom 7 -1 Wands 6, 4 if targeted
Charisma 12 0

Purple ioun stone: absorbs 30 spell levels (1 round to turn on or off).
Ring of Warding: Can deflect attacks against me (must declare deflection before attack rolls occur). One charge for physical deflection, two charges for magical deflection. (p. 136)
Ioun Stone of combat thing: 1/week, for 2d3 rounds, can make attack rolls at +2 to hit. If successful, automatically do max damage.

HP: 32/32
Armor: Magic Leather
AC: 1 (-1 against large creatures)
Weapon: Wooden magical earth motif battle axe, 3x per day can be thrust into the ground to create a wall of dirt and thorns (1d8+5, + 6 to hit, bleed, delay, additional + 1 to hit/damage against large creatures)
Weapon (offhand): Dagger+1 (1d4+1, + 2 melee to hit, + 3 thrown to hit)
Money: 15,254 GP (4.5k lent to Chris)
Load: 0 stone (-6 stone for MW traveler backpack) (56.5 lb)

Stealth: expert, d10+2 (Halfling) (+ 2 from drinking from Bowl of Imokhek and dex)
Sneak Attack: Skilled (training)
Listening: Skilled + 1 (training) (natural 6)
Poison Use: Skilled (training)
+ 1 to hit with ranged weapons (Halfling)
AC + 2 bonus against large creatures (Halfling)
+ 1 to hit with axes (Boon)
+ 1 to hit/damage against large creatures (Ioun Stone)
Defensive Master: + 2 AC bonus in light armor (fighter boon)
Toughness: + 2 HP/level (fighter boon)
Hand axe: skilled (+ 5’ range, + 2 to hit, + 2 to damage)
Battle Axe: Expert (+3 to hit, +4 to damage, bleed, delay)
Courageous: +4 bonus on saves against fear
Scarred: +1 bonus on threaten checks, +4 bonus on intimidate checks
Toughness: Roll d4 for pain results on critical table instead of d6

Gear: Cost Weight Gear: Cost Weight
Axe, Battle +1 - 6 lb Axe, Hand 6 gp 3 lb
Backpack, MW Traveler 50 gp 4 lb Cloak of displacement ?? 2 lb
Crow bar 2gp 3 lb Grappling hook 1 gp 4 lb
Ioun Stone for fighting large creatures - - Leather Armor +1 ?? 15 lb
Potion, Alcoholic (2d4)x5 500 gp - Potion Belt, MW 80 gp -
Ring of warding (p. 136) - - Rope, spider silk 100 gp 2.5 lb
10’ pole - 3 lb Memory Juice x4 ?? gp 4 lb
Flame Paste x5 200 gp 5 lb candle of blink (5T) 500 gp 1 lb
Potion of Extra healing (2d8 + 2) 250 gp 1 lb Purple Ioun Stone - -
Cusps of Life Vision 3,563 gp - Deer Helmet
Ioun Stone for combat skill - -


Smoky’s motivation is simple: take the money and run.

Smoky Starkwell

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