Mad Bill Danger


Chaotic Sage (Diviner) 7

Str 3 Dex 13 Con 15 Int 18 Wis 4 Cha 10

HP 15 AC 8 Breath Attack 14 Poison or Death 11 Petrify or Paralyse 11 Wands 11 Spells or Spell Like-Abilities 12

XP: 109,495/152,001

Special Abilities: Speak w/ Animals 3/day from Boon, Speak with Plants 3/day from drinking from 1000 Agate Pools, +1 to Stealth from drinking from the Bowl of Imokek, +1 to reaction rolls with Sentient Humanoid Numenhalla Denizens as they recognise him as one of their own, Counts as Small for determining which person is targeted by monsters, +2 to Saves vs. Death, Poison, Breath Weapons for learning the Stone Secret of Resilience, +3 to Intelligence from Up Spores from Grovecrown; Smells like a dragon from a mile away, can smell dragons 1 mile away; Causes draconic fear to a 10’ radius

Cloak of Mist: 3/day can create a 20′ × 20′ cloud of mist that lasts 1 turn or until dispelled
Ring of X-Ray Vision: 100’ range, penetrates up to 20’ of organic material, 10’ of stone or 10" of metal, can scan 100’ square per round. Drains 1 pt. of Constitution if used more than once every 6 turns. Use for 3 turns in 1 hour, lose 2 pts. of Constitution, 90% chance to locate secret compartments, drawers, recess and doors
Skull Mask: Cast Fear 1/day 60’ cone, Immune to fear, disease, paralysis and undead special abilities (energy drain), Detect whether someone is alive or dead, Always target of first preference for undead creatures

Skills: Alchemy (Expert), Arcana (Master), Assay, Healing, Nature Affinity (Expert), Poison Use, Religion (Master), Sleight of Hand, Stealth (Expert), Stonelore, Tinkering / Devices (Master)

Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword (Skilled)

Spell Pool: 12d6

Spells Known: 1st: Augury (Prepared), Detect Evil, Detect Magic (Prepared), Detect Poison, Detect Secret Doors (Prepared), Detect Snares & Pits, Detect Undead, Identify 2nd: Aptitude Transference, Detect Invisibility, ESP (Prepared), Find Traps , Know Alignment, Locate Object (Prepared), Tongues, True Bearing 3rd: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Exploit Weakness, Lesser Commune, Locate Creature, See through Stone (Prepared), Speak with Animals, Wizard Eye (Prepared), 4th: Detect Lie, Divination, Locate Treasure, Magic Mirror, True Seeing (Prepared)

Masterwork Backpack: 6 x Alchemist’s Fire, 3 x Alzabo Extract, Bell, Blanket, Bottle of Whiskey, Brush, Chisel (Ice), Chisel (Stone), Chisel (Wood), Compass, Fishing Line & Hook, Flame Paste x 4, Flint & Steel, Hammer, Light Blanket, Magnet, Magnifying Glass, Needle & Thread, Pint of Oil x 6, Small Steel Mirror, 50’ Spidersilk Rope, Steel Drill, Masterwork Thieves’ Tools, Tongs & Pliers, Trail Rations, Waterproof Bullseye Lantern, Whetstone, Whistle, 1187 gp

Potion Belt: Dagger in sheath, Antitoxin, 5 Empty Steel Vials, 0gp as cards

Masterwork Potion Belt: 6 Steel Vials filled with Solvent A, Matches

Waterproof Map Case: Chalk x 10, Glow Chalk x 5, Ink, Parchment x 100

Floating Around Head: Blood Red Cylinder Ioun Stone (Man-sized or smaller target must save vs. wands or be crushed to the size of a pinhead), Smooth Pale Lavender Torus (1/wk creates crystalline copy of Mad Bill with 10 HP for 2d3 rounds), Rainbow Star (1/day acts as Robe of Blending for 1 turn), Marbled Blue and White Cylinder (1/wk creates a blue disk that flies at 60’ / round and can carry user + 200 lbs. gravitationally locked to it), Pale Blue Cube (At will creates extradimensional cube 1’ that can hold many items); Lavender Faceted Pyramid 1/wk Target within 30’ must save vs. wands or be surrounded by noises, flashing lights, etc. Target must save vs. spells or be unable to cast spells; Lime Green Spindle 1/wk Scan 30’ radius for psychic impressions

Wearing: Cloak of Mist & Rags & Skull Mask & Dented Helm

Often Holding: Wand of Ice Storm (3 charges), Rod of Smiting (9 charges)

Periodically Riding: Personal Flamethrower

35 lbs. total (reduced to 15 lbs. by Masterwork Backpack)


549877 486835901359026 641899812 n

Bill Danger, hermit for hire, has decided that the time has finally come to prove his oft-mocked claim: That his ancestors were the architects hired by Typhon to build the Soma of Gis itself. Unfortunately, only the animal inhabitants of the Soma of Gis recognise this, allowing Bill to speak with them as if they were people. Their kindness to him has led him to adopt a strict vegan diet of alcohol, tobacco, nuts, radishes, leaves, bark, edible roots, rice paper and other sundry plants, in roughly that order of preference. The lack of protein and adequate vitamins have left him somewhat withered physically, but undaunted spiritually. Bill also periodically has visions, though fools mock them as hallucinations or madness. He knows that his true calling is as a prophet and seer, and as soon as he can prove his legitimacy as a descendant of the servants of Typhon Himself, his gift will be recognised by those who mock him.

“Danger” is Bill’s middle name. His last name is a secret he keeps to himself to be harder to scry.

Bill is currently a sadistically insane albino after drinking from the Bowl of Imokek. He has a scar on his arm from where he broke it slamming it into the side of a pit fleeing from the shadows that guard said bowl. Bill twitches from a spell mishap while trying to cast Augury. He wears a robe made of crazy people eyes and some rags he stole off a corpse and a dented helm he found in the Chambers of Freya painted with arcane symbols in mysterious and unwholesome gunk and a skull mask he bought from a golem.

Motivation: To find a deed proving his ancestors were the chief engineers and architects of the Soma of Gis, and direct servants of Typhon or some other gods.

Bill’s Friends:

Gasali Kabirsumah, bat farmer, Azeri gentleman & scholar, provider of fungus tea and bat guano for weary travellers, lives in the Tuth Warrens. Bill met Gasali while trying to steal his poop. They bonded over their mutual appreciation of the complexities of bat politics.

Bill is on good terms with the shadows guarding the Bowl of Imokek after stealing it and returning it upon request to the Halls of Imokek. They allowed him to drink from it, which certain slanderers have claimed drove him insane. He has sworn to defend the Bowl of Imokek from interlopers, though all may drink from it as they please.

Bill helped return a little girl’s teddy bear after helping slay the Brutal Beast of Numenhalla one-handed.

Fernhild, a noblewoman avoiding an arranged marriage who Bill ran into while hunting the Brutal Beast. Travels with mercenaries. Bill steered her in the direction of the treasure chamber and then was rudely threatened by the unappreciative mercenaries.

Bill met an Azeri woman in the Halls of Heimdall who has a cool rat posse. He borrowed some of her rats to explore the halls.

Hobart is a friendly cultist of Hastur in the Market. Bill sold him unreliable maps to the Metallic Treasure Chamber in the Halls of Freya and to the Bowl of Imokek. He enjoys whiskey, and Bill has promised to come visit him sometime in the Crypts of Hastur with a bottle for them to share.

Bill met some friendly anthropophages who were eating a dwarf in the Halls of Imokek, but couldn’t get their names before they sidled off. Unfortunately, they may have been intimidated by meeting the genuine Mad Bill Danger, since they fled shortly after he introduced himself.

Bill has now had several run-ins with anthropophages, mostly friendly. Often, taking pity on their hunger induced by a meat-based diet, he has pointed them to corpses left by the other adventurers, which the anthropophages have been very appreciative about.

Bill’s sweetheart is the witch Basiane Nygill, who lives in the undercaverns of the Tuth Warrens. At her special request, Bill and co. petrified a demon lord who was mentally dominating the Tuth, but only after the demon lord refused a reasonable request to desist.

Bill met a friendly snake in the Stone Head of Baldur who was hiding in some logs. Seit fed it a giant rat, and Bill had a pleasant conversation about visitors the snake had met. Bill looks forward to meeting the snake again.

Bill and Smoky delivered a stern lecture to a dragon about how it was spending its life. Bill encouraged him to take up a hobby other than eating poor innocent adventurers trying to make a living and have a good time, and being a sensible fellow, the dragon went off to consider Bill’s wise words about making the most of the limited time we have on this cylinder.

Bill held a drinking contest with a trio of seahags at the bottom of the Stone Head of Baldur, but unfortunately they were trapped by their own greed into not handing over some treasure, and Bill tricked them into drinking acid, which mostly killed them until the other adventurers could finish them off. Bill looks forward to encountering them again.

Bill borrowed a tiny leper’s gold after exploring his mushroom maze. The obstreperous leper offered to grant Bill a wish if he would return it, but Bill couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than to keep on delving into Numenhalla, except for twine, which he already knew where to get plenty of. He gave the tiny leper his gold back anyhow, so that he could pay for a cure.

Bill met a sagacious fern in the Lavish Fur Slime Mine that will infect travellers with spores of power if they provide it with sentient beings to consume, but Bill didn’t have any on him. Bill has now met several of the perspicacious plant’s offspring and worshipers, but can’t remember their names and universally refers to the bug-riding spore-beings as “Don”. On a recent tour of Numenhalla, Bill encountered some obstreperous mutants, who he fed to the sagacious fern as a special treat.

Bill settled a debate between six galeb duhrs in the Halls of Heimdall about what kind of room they were in, and received the Stone Secret of Resilience in exchange. As a peace-loving fellow, Bill is glad to have deperplexed the quarrelsome rubble.

Bill met some friendly frat-fishmen who enjoyed drinking and having a good time while exploring the Stone Head of Baldur. They discussed their plans to gather an army, emerge onto the surface, and then devastate, enslave or consume all sentient beings. Bill told them to follow their dreams and never give up hope, shortly before they were (mostly) slain.

Mad Bill was slain by some electric eels at the bottom of a well. He got better. His time spent as a reincarnated earth genasi has really grounded him.

The Danger Gang:

Bill’s ever-rotating coterie of tramps, petty criminals, mutants, deluded temporary apprentices, thugs, hanger-ons, sycophants, card-sharps, muggers, rogue animals, pettifoggers, occasional religious converts and/or heretics, or at least the portion of it willing to go into Numenhalla with him. Occasionally wanted by the guards, rarely by anyone else. When not risking their lives underground, the Danger Gang hangs out at Danger Tower.

Zim Thrallkiller a recalcitrant and occasionally mordant bat companion
Bryfirth Man-at-Arms Human 6 M Hand Axe, Dagger Leather & Shield Chaos Village Idiot Smells like a Goat Morale 7
Brytag Man-at-Arms Human 6 M Club, Dagger Chainmail & Shield Law Beggar History of local elven kingdom Morale 7
Guldric Man-at-Arms Human 2 M Club, Dagger Leather & Shield Neutral Serf Speaks in the third person Morale 7
The Monkey an ill-tempered, chain-smoking monkey with poor vision that Bill liberated from the Witch’s Oven of Numenhalla
Other Bill Danger a humble, lovable, even-tempered, murderous war dog who pulls Bill’s flamethrower cart. Purchased from the Witch’s Oven in Numenhalla. Occasionally ridden by Smoky the “halfling”. AC 4 HP 35 Bite 1d6+3

Persian clothing 5

Arn Man-at-Arms Human – Slain by Undead Canonites
Kilag Man-at-Arms Human – Slain by Anthrophages
Hamish Man-at-Arms Human – Killed by Transikar & now a Green Mind Control Slime Zombie
Sturdo Man-at-Arms Human – Killed by Green Mind Control Slime Zombie and now one himself.

Mad Bill Danger

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