Kandel Lier

LS' Healing-Focus Sage. Collects torches.


Kandel Lier – Healing Focused Sage (Level 5)

HP 14; AC 7 (Beard + Ring of Protection)
XP 36,013; GP 23,712

STR 11
DEX 11
CON 10
INT 11
WIS 15 (+1)
CHA 12

Phobia of Undead Save v. Fear when undead are encountered or be paralyzed.

Saves (Improve at level 6) (-1 for Ring of Protection)
Breath: 14
Poison/Death: 12
Petrify/Paralyze: 12
Wands: 12
Spells: 13

Master Rat Catcher
Superior Meditation
Focused at Master Level
Feign Death 1/Week
Appraisal at Expert Level
Nature Affinity at Basic Level
Healing at Master Level (Whatever level max is)

Spells (May prepare 2 1st level, 2 2nd level, 1 3rd Level)
1.Cure Light Wounds
1.Remove Fear
1.Turn Undead
2.Detect Magic
2.Hold Person
2.Slow Poison
2.Cure Moderate Wounds
3.Protection from Evil 10’ Radius
3.Dispel Magic

Dark Orange Ioun Stone, (See through Polymorph / Shapechange)
Blue Sphere Ioun Stone, (1 Wisdom)
Ring of Protection 1
Small Brass Lozenge Ioun Stone (
2 HP)
Wizard Prism (+1 spellcasting die, enemies -1 saves, +4 bonus to turn attempts)

Equipment (Up to 7 stone / 105lb)(Current: 61lb)
10 Large Sacks
Backpack (2lb)
Crossbow (5lb)
15 Bolts (5lb)
Crowbar (5lb)
Waterproof Hooded Lantern (2lb)
9 Lantern Oils (9lb)
Staff (2lb)
10’ Pole w/ Hook and Knife (3lb)
10 Pieces of Paper (-)
Chalk (-)
Charcoal (-)
3 Iron Spikes (3lb)
Holy Water (1lb)
4 Torches (5lb)
50’ Silk Rope (5lb)
Woodsman’s Axe (3lb)
Potion of Healing, 3 doses. (-)
2 Gravity Globes (1lb)
Lethargy Globe (1lb)
Wand of Healing (1lb)
7 Spools of Twine (4lb)
4 Memory Waters (4lb)

Rumors Solicited
“The stones themselves debate for Hammidal”

From the 4/27/13 session
From the 5/11/13 session
From the 5/25/13 session
From the 6/1/13 session


For the fun of it, I’m starting with nothing to go on save the fact that my character is a healer; and has a passion for collecting torches strong enough to drive them into the underground where he expects to find many different kinds of torches.

Kandel Lier

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