Typhon is father of the nine who were eleven, two headed god of gods.

His stride is that of the heavenly spheres, the ocean his drink. His torso reaches to the ground above, his hands from Holdstyri to Holdstyri, each with the heads of a hundred heads of Dragos Insectum. His legs are of vipers, his body covered in wings, his eyes fire that burn whatever his gaze encompasses.

This is said of his birth:

Lightning had scoured the mountains of life, and in doing so created that which it vanquished. And from the earth came her first son, child of death and love born in a chthonic darkness.

And of his battle with the lords of chaos:

And the land was smote by mountains, hurled in a fit of anger – the lords of chaos fleeing their homes as the earth was wrecked beneath them. His dark flickering tongues lashed fire at the forms of chaos, the din of a thousand screams silenced in fury gushed from his ears. The earth split open, spitting up water as death fountained around his malevolent form, until he ended his rage by pulling the mount of Etna atop himself.

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