The Races of the Gis, Home of Numenhalla

Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits — these are the archetypal names; these are the ancient categorizations, slurs, racial epitaphs one and all. The image of tradition does not match reality.

Men Known as Men, the Blessed of the Numen.

Halflings Known as Gretidoten, the blessed men of the Pithavin.

Elves, Grey Know as the Bindi, These are the blessed men of the Auspindar.

Elves, Sylvan Known as the Sidartha, These are the blessed men of the Veraloth.

Dwarves Known as the Westrador, These are the blessed men of the Mardoren.

Immortal Golems Known as the Augatic, these were created to be servants of men.

Other races, classes, and sage specialties are available, but must be unlocked through play.


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