It is an Old School Campaign, so for those who are unfamiliar with the concept, I urge you to read the Old School Primer

The following is an overview of Character creation. Please see the Player’s Guide for specifics.

Character Creation:
3d6, down the line.
Pick Class.
Experts select skills, Fighters select a talent, Wizards select a focus, Psionicists select disciplines, Alchemists receive formula.
Pick bonus skills due to high intelligence.
Pick Name.
Roll HP.
Pick Equipment bundle.

Skills: We are using Skills: The Middle Road system.

We are using a variety of house rules:

Encumbrance by stone
A Table for Avoiding Death
Simple criticals – roll a 20, roll double damage

Carousing for Experience!

My Psionics class is available, for humans only.

Short Note on Megadungeons


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