Hera is the wife of Typhon.

She is the Goat Eater of heights! Queen of Argos, the cow – eyed lady of the mound; the white armed child virgin mother of the nine who were eleven!

This is a Tale of Hera:

There was a mortal who Typhon deemed worthy, and she was named Lamia. She was given the gift and made herself one with one of his many serpentine appendages experiencing much pleasure thereby.

Hera, who has the ways of knowledge of the air and earth and beauty could not but hear this whispered on the wind.

And so, she murdered the children of Lamia, and turned her into a monstrous beast who was starved. Then Hera fed Lamia the corpses of her own young.

Then Hera returned Lamia to human form, to see the image of her children upon the lids of her own eyes.

Typhon to end her pain and grant her peace, removed her eyes from her skull. Blind, she could no longer see her children.

In pain, Lamia turned from humanity and became a beast, for the low nature was not wholly removed by Hera, and now wanders and eats the children of mothers who love them.

So it is said of Hera.

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