Gods of Law

The Gods of law created the Soma of the Gis so that mankind could live in penance for his misdeeds. Once they have purified themselves the gods would create a promised land for the people.As a measure of promise of this, they re-crafted the Sun into a lance and wedged it between the two realms of Holdstyri.
The Gods:

Typhon Symbol: Helm Weapon: Club, Spiked Club
Domain: Law, Sun, Strength, Leadership
Appearance: (M) Giant Two Headed Man
Personality: Stern, Manipulative

Hera Symbol: Infinity Symbol/Peacock Weapon: Knife
Domain: Marriage, Motherhood, Anger, Fertility, Jealousy
Appearance: (F) Beautiful Middle-aged Woman
Personality: Nurturing, Treacherous

Hastur Symbol: Stylized Coin Weapon: Scythe, Shepard’s Hook
Domain: Wealth, Mystery, Underworld, Shepherds
Appearance: (M) Cloaked Figure
Personality: Slient, Enigmatic, Inscrutable

Baldur Symbol: Abstract Plow Weapon: Staff
Domain: Agriculture, Husbandry, Bravery, Cleanliness and Light
Appearance: (M) Middle-aged Man
Personality: Pleasant

Tethys Symbol: Sword Weapon: Sword
Domain: Ocean, Violence, Revenge
Appearance: (F) Armored Form, Ancient Woman
Personality: Souless

Theia Symbol: ? Weapon: ?
Domain: Direction, Travel
Appearance: (F)Small Girl
Personality: Childlike

Selene Symbol: Moon Weapon: Sickle
Domain: Moon, Love
Appearance: (F)Beautiful young woman with long dark hair
Personality: Sensual

Heimdall Symbol: Eye Weapon: Bow, Sword
Domain: Wisdom, Vision
Appearance: (M) Hawk, Bearded Man
Personality: Boisterous

Freya Symbol: Sun Weapon: Cat o’ nine tails
Domain: Dawn, Gold, Laughter, Madness, the Wild, War, Death, Sorcery
Appearance: (F)Wild Looking Naked Woman
Personality: Crazy

Tyr Symbol: Hammer Weapon: Hammer
Domain: Order, Defense, Fire, Judgment
Appearance: (M)Short Hairless Stocky Man with one hand
Personality: Stoic

Huginn & Muninn Symbol: Bird Weapon: Javelin
Domain: Knowledge, Memory, Magic
Appearance: (M/F) Crows, or Cojoined Twins
Personality: Smug, Self-amused, Arrogant

Ratatoskr Symbol: Tree Weapon: ?
Domain: Nature, Dreams
Appearance: Small Rodent
Personality: Mischievous, Wise

Gods of Law

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