Transikar (Deceased) (Deceased Again)

A would-be undead hunter, now a would-be ghoul prince.


Transikar is a ghoul. He was a fighter of the third level.

Experience: 12099
Hit Points: 9 (1:d8 + 6:d8 + 2:d8)
Armor Class: 1 (2:plate and shield + 1:enchanted plate + 1:advanced shield style – 1:dexterity)
Attack Bonus: 7 (1:fencer + 1:strength + 4:expert swordsman + 1:magic sword)
Damage: 2d8
6 (2d8+4:master swordsman + 1:strength + 1:magic sword)
Talents: Advanced Shield Style, Alertness, Undead Hunter
Skills: Expert with the Longsword
Listen [target 6]: 1d6+2 (1d6:unskilled + 1:successful first attempt bonus + 1:alertness)

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 13 +1
Dexterity 7 -1
Constitution 10 0
Intelligence 9 0
Wisdom 12 0
Charisma 10 0

He can parry, disarm, and riposte.

The character is equipped with a suit of enchanted plate armor, a shield, a helmet, a longsword at his hip, a dagger at his shoulder, and a masterwork backpack.

He wears the skull mask.

Stored within his backpack is a canteen filled with water, a chisel, a crowbar, flint and steel, a collapsible grappling hook, a hammer, a hacksaw, iron spikes (6), a magnet, a small steel mirror, a ten foot long wooden pole, a fifty foot long silk rope, sacks (6), tongs and pliers, four flasks of holy water, and torches (6).

His backpack contains 44 pounds of equipment, while its maximum capacity is 60 pounds.

He owns 4 magical items: a sword of Flame Tongue, a blood red spindle arcanite stone that may absorb a killing blow, a suit of enchanted plate mail, and a potion of healing with 3 spritzes contained in an ornate perfume bottle with a bulb atomizer.

He also has in his possession a magical item he has not own: Mad Bill Danger’s skull mask.

His total burden is 88 pounds.


He is a fencer.

He is motivated to enter the dungeon by a sense of stoic duty.

He has slain the Brutal Beast (in Numenhalla III).

He has suffered two severe injuries (both in the Numenhalla II), losing a kidney to an anthropophage’s axe and having his legs broken by a whale.

He slew the dragon Kral-kan and ate its heart (in Numenhalla IX).

He was devoured by ghouls (in Numenhalla IX).

Transikar (Deceased) (Deceased Again)

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