Name: Thess
Race/Class: Bindi/Alice (deactivated: XP/To hit as expert, hit points as M-U, Class Description)
Level: 2/2
XP: 3,149/5,000

Strength 11 0 Poison 11
Dexterity 17 +2 Paralysis 11
Constitution 16 +2 Breath Weapon 14
Intelligence 10 0 Spells 16
Wisdom 7 -1 Wands 12
Charisma 6 -1

HP: 23/23
Armor: Leather (+ 1 bonus for stone secret)
AC: 4
Weapon: Rapier (skilled) (1d12 +2, +4 to hit, deflect) (mechanically a longsword, but can use dex mod to hit/damage instead of str mod)
Weapon (offhand): Peppermint Dagger +1
Money: 2,111 GP
Load: 51lb (3 stone)

Spells known:
Level 1: control constructs, light, detect magic, enchanted weapon

Longsword/Rapier: Skilled (1d12, +2 to hit, deflect) (training)
Sleight of Hand: Skilled (Class training)
Arcana: Expert (Class training)
Tinkering: Skilled (class training)
Can use dex mod instead of str mod for to hit/damage rolls with dueling weapons (Alice: 91)
+1 to CHR/reaction checks from animals (Alice: 97)
Immune to insanity or confusion (Alice: 99)
Magnetic Control: can manipulate magnetic objects within 600 yards, but not well. Treated at half STR score when doing so. (-2 to hit to enemy, or +2 to damage for a player) (Mutation)

Ring of the little people: immune to fairy effects, once/day can use the ring to cast improved invisibility and reduce on myself (must cast both). Reduces height to 6" to 24", can change this in a round. Can cancel effects at any time, but will last no more than an hour

Gear: Cost Weight Gear: Cost Weight
Backpack 2gp 2lb Crowbar 2gp 5lb
Caltrop x2 1gp 2lb Dagger +1, Peppermint 3 gp 1 lb
Leather Armor 10gp 15lb Metal Marbles 1gp 2lb
Rapier 10gp 5lb Ring of the little people - -
50’ Rope (Hemp) 1gp 10lb 10’ pole - 3lb
Gravity Globe x2 1000gp 2lb Misery Vial 250gp 1lb
Demi-Bomb 100gp 1lb Tanglefoot 50gp 1lb
Alchemist’s Inferno 600gp 1lb

So I was minding my own business daydreaming by some rabbit hole, when this monster pops out and steals my cookies. Turns out the rabbit hole leads to this dungeon place, so I’m off to steal my treasure back.

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