Lawful Augatic 1
Str 14 Dex 9 Con 18 Int 11 Wis 8 Cha 6
HP 14 AC 2 Breath Attack 13 Poison or Death 8 Petrify or Paralyse 10 Wands 9 Spells or Spell Like-Abilities 12 THAC0 19

XP: 2,808/4,000

Boon: Increased “heart & lung” capacity +2 Constitution
Skills: Two Handed Sword (Expert), Athletics (Skilled), Listening (Skilled), Tinkering / Devices (Skilled)
Enhancements: Auditory Enhancement +2 on Listen Skill Checks
Special: DR 1; Infravision 50’; Immune to sleep, paralyzation, poison, disease, blood drain, nausea; Does not need to eat, drink, breath, rest or sleep

Backpack: 4 Augatic Replacement Part Sets, Chalk x 10, Charcoal x 2, Collapsible Grappling Hook, Crowbar, Hammer, Large Sacks x 9, Lantern Oil x 4, Portable Battering Ram, 100 ft. of Silk Rope, Thieves’ Tools, Tongs & Pliers, Whetstone, Whistle, 54 gold pieces, 10 Javelins bundled across top

Potion Belt: Lantern Oil x 6, Matches

Hands: Two-Handed Sword + 5 2d8 + 3 Deflect

Weight: 80 / 140 lbs.


Motivation: The sun dims, the crops grow fallow, the solution lies below in the Halls of Numenhalla. Or so a wandering holy man told Trooper Seacoal.

Seacoal was slain by a dragon’s cold breath in the Contested Area.


Numenhalla nexusphere Pseudoephedrine