Raslyn Dragoneye


Name: Raslyn Dragoneyes
Class: Fighter
Race: Human
Lvl: 3
HP: 13
AC: 3
Exp: 6273

Precise Shot: shoot into crowds
Dead Eye: +2 damage from bows
Breath Weapon Bonus: +4 bonus on saves
Tinkering/Devices (skilled)
Healing (skilled)
Sneak Attack (skilled): x2 damage if target surprised
Haggling: (skilled) +2 to haggling checks
Crossbows: (skilled) +2 bonus, +10’ range, +2 vs heavy armor

Infravision, 60 ft (dragon eyes)
Detect invisible objects, even in fog/darkness, 50 ft (dragon eyes)
Impervious to ordinary fire (ring of fire resistance)
+1 to morale checks (for being terrifying)
+4 vs electricity (dragonhide armor)
+2 vs fire (ring of fire resistance)
-1 damage from fire (ring of fire resistance)

STR     11     0
DEX     13     1
CON     10     0
CHR     9     0
WIS     13     1
INT     15     1

Enchanted crossbow
2 bolts of lighting (4d6 dmg)
15 armor piercing bolts (+2 bonus to hit creature wearing armor)
Dragonscale armor & helmet
Ring of fire resistance
Short sword x2
Altar parts
Vial of holy water
Silver dragon whistles x2
+1 dagger
(Also carrying, but less interesting: masterwork backpack, bedroll, flask, sack, healer’s kit, grappling hook (collapsible), silk rope (50’), magnet, whetstone, flint and steel = 32 lb)
2994 gold

She had a vision of an imprisoned God.


Raslyn Dragoneye

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