Professor Beshekk Lundoldf (Dead to a Giant Snake)

LS' very smart fighter.


Beshekk has gained 3149 XP which is not noted below, and has changed class to the thusfar unwritten class “Daegon.”

Professor Beshekk Lundolf – Fighter (level 3)

HP 28; AC 5 (7 when not using shield)
XP 7982; GP 7131

Longsword Attack 1d20 + 3 / 1d12 + 1

STR 11
DEX 7 (-1) {+1 AC, -1 Missiles} (Courtney?)
CON 13 (1) {+1 HP}
INT 17 (2)
WIS 12
CHA 10

Saves (Improve at level 6)
Breath: 15
Poison/Death: 12
Petrify/Paralyze: 14
Wands: 13
Spells: 16

All creatures view Beshekk as one of their own kind.

Any attack Beshekk makes against poisonous creatures is as poisonous to the creature as their attacks could be to Beshekk.

Arcana (1d8)
Tinkering / Devices (1d8)
Agility / Athletics (1d8)

Fighter Talents
Battle Cry (3/day, Save v. Fear or -1 on all battle rolls)
Toughness (2 HP / Level)
Advanced Shield Style (
1 AC bonus from shields)

Weapon Mastery
Spears (I) (2)
Long Sword (I) (
2, Deflect, 1d12 Damage) [Deflect: each round, save v. death to parry 1st melee attack]

Equipment (Up to 5 stone)(Current: 9 Stone, 2 Bundle, 2 Light)(Moderately Encumbered)

“End of Eternity,” Intelligent Longsword. See below. (1 stone)
Spear (1 stone)
Short Bow (1 stone)
30 Arrows (1 Bundle)
Leather Armor
Shield (1 stone)
Ring of Protection 1
Small Brass Lozenge Ioun Stone (
2 HP)

End of Eternity (Currently Insane)
Intelligent Longsword
+1 Attack / Damage
Can detect moving walls, rooms, traps.
Fills wielder with feelings of power and greed.
Drives wielder to kill so it may consume souls.
Consuming souls allows sword to grant wishes to the wielder.

Belt Pouches
2 bags marbles (Light)
2 bags caltrops (Light)
5 Bottles of Oil, easy to light.

10 large sacks (Bundle)
50’ of Hemp Rope
3 Iron Spikes
10’ pole with hook on one end and small snaring loop on other end.


Professor Beshekk Lundoldf (Dead to a Giant Snake)

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