Murray, Westrador mace-wielder

"Mace to meet you"


Str 11
Dex 15
Con 14
Int 12
Wis 11
Cha 15

HP 8
AC 1 (Banded +1, Dex, shield)

Skills: Appraisal (skilled)

Breath: 13
Poison/Death 8
Petrify/Paralyze 10
Wands 9
Spells 12

Superstitious, -1 to all saves?

Motivation: I really want to be a member of the counsel, but to do that I have to get the Crystal Brains.

Dwarven Throwing hammer 2d6+1 3 to hit, 30ft range, 3d6 vs giants, returning
1 Banded Armor +2d6 hp heal once daily (base AC 4)

5 Mace
50 Chain (AC 5)
10 Shield (AC -1)
13 Expert Dungeoneering Kit
Chalk × 5
Grappling Hook
Iron Spikes × 5
Lantern, Hooded
Oil, Lantern × 5
Pole 10’
Rope, Hemp (50’)
10 Expert Kit
Backpack, Leather
Rations (7 days)
Sack (small) × 3
50 Healer’s Kit
20 Smoke Stick
42 gp


Murray is a surprisingly lithe and friendly Westrador. He wants to help, whether that means jumping in front of an endangered comrade, dragging a fallen comrade to safety, or performing rites over a comrade’s grave. Murray spends a lot of time around dying people.

Murray, Westrador mace-wielder

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