Mad Bill Danger Reborn!

Your favourite reincarnated evil wizard


Chaotic Sage (Diviner) 7 / Earth Gensai 1 (Advance as Dwarf)

Str 16 Dex 11 Con 13 Int 18 Wis 7 Cha 6

HP 15 AC 4 Breath Attack 17 Poison or Death 14 Petrify or Paralyse 16 Wands 11 Spells or Spell Like-Abilities 12 Mv 9 BRW 2 THAC0 19

Atk: Rapier + 6 / + 9 vs. Reptiles 1d12+4 Deflect

XP: 1,759 /2,035

Special Abilities: Speak w/ Animals 3/day from Boon, Speak with Plants 3/day from drinking from 1000 Agate Pools, Speak Terran, +1 to Stealth from drinking from the Bowl of Imokek, +1 to reaction rolls with Sentient Humanoid Numenhalla Denizens as they recognise him as one of their own, Counts as Small for determining which person is targeted by monsters, +2 to Saves vs. Death, Poison, Breath Weapons for learning the Stone Secret of Resilience, +3 to Intelligence from Up Spores from Grovecrown, DR2 so long as on earth, stone or metal, -6 to all rolls when not standing on the ground, Infravision 60’

Special Items:

Ring of X-Ray Vision: 100’ range, penetrates up to 20’ of organic material, 10’ of stone or 10" of metal, can scan 100’ square per round. Drains 1 pt. of Constitution if used more than once every 6 turns. Use for 3 turns in 1 hour, lose 2 pts. of Constitution, 90% chance to locate secret compartments, drawers, recess and doors
Skull Mask: Cast Fear 1/day 60’ cone, Immune to fear, disease, paralysis and undead special abilities (energy drain), Detect whether someone is alive or dead, Always target of first preference for undead creatures

Skills: Alchemy, Arcana (Master), Healing, Nature Affinity (Expert), Poison Use, Religion (Master), Sleight of Hand, Stealth (Expert), Stonelore, Tinkering / Devices (Expert)

Weapon Mastery: Longsword (Rapier) (Skilled)

Spell Pool: 14d6

Spells Known: 1st: Augury (Prepared), Detect Evil, Detect Magic (Prepared), Detect Poison, Detect Secret Doors (Prepared), Detect Snares & Pits, Detect Undead, Identify 2nd: Aptitude Transference, Detect Invisibility, ESP (Prepared), Find Traps (Prepared), Know Alignment, Locate Object, Tongues, True Bearing 3rd: Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Exploit Weakness (Prepared), Lesser Commune, Locate Creature (Prepared), See through Stone, Speak with Animals, Wizard Eye, 4th: Divination, Locate Treasure, Magic Mirror, True Seeing (Prepared)

Masterwork Backpack: 6 x Alchemist’s Fire, 4 x Alzabo Extract, Bell, Blanket, Bottle of Whiskey, Brush, Chisel (Ice), Chisel (Stone), Chisel (Wood), Compass, Fishing Line & Hook, Flame Paste x 4, Flint & Steel, Hammer, Light Blanket, Magnet, Magnifying Glass, Needle & Thread, Pint of Oil x 6, Small Steel Mirror, 50’ Spidersilk Rope, Steel Drill, Masterwork Thieves’ Tools, Tongs & Pliers, Trail Rations, Waterproof Bullseye Lantern, Whetstone, Whistle

Potion Belt: Dagger in sheath, Antitoxin, 5 Empty Steel Vials, 12,044gp as cards

Masterwork Potion Belt: 6 Steel Vials filled with Solvent A, Matches

Waterproof Map Case: Chalk x 10, Glow Chalk x 5, Ink, Parchment x 100

Floating Around Head: Blood Red Cylinder Ioun Stone (Man-sized or smaller target must save vs. wands or be crushed to the size of a pinhead), Smooth Pale Lavender Torus (1/wk creates crystalline copy of Mad Bill with 10 HP for 2d3 rounds), Rainbow Star (1/day acts as Robe of Blending for 1 turn), Marbled Blue and White Cylinder (1/wk creates a blue disk that flies at 60’ / round and can carry user + 200 lbs. gravitationally locked to it), Pale Blue Cube (At will creates extradimensional cube 1’ that can hold many items)

Wearing: Magical Siddarthan Chainmail & Rags & Skull Mask & Dented Helm

Often Holding: Wand of Ice Storm (3 charges), Rod of Smiting (9 charges), Magical Rapier +1 / +3 vs. Reptiles

Periodically Riding: Personal Flamethrower

35 lbs. total (reduced to 15 lbs. by Masterwork Backpack)


Mad Bill Danger Reborn!

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