Adeleine is an expert of the fifth level.

Experience: 12146
Hit Points: 8
Armor Class: 5
To Hit Armor Class 0: 14
Damage: 1d6+4

Acrobatics, Skilled
Healing, Master
Short Bow, Expert
Sleight of Hand, Skilled
Sneak Attack, Master
Stealth, Expert
Nature Affinity, Skilled

Attribute Score Modifier
Strength 11 0
Dexterity 16 +2
Constitution 8 -1
Intelligence 7 -1
Wisdom 8 -1
Charisma 8 -1

Adeleine is equipped with a cloak of elvenkind, boots of elvenkind, a suit of leather armor, a shortsword, a shortbow, a quiver of twenty (20) cold iron arrows, and a masterwork backpack.

Within her backpack is ten (10) torches, ten (10) bandages, a healing kit, thieves’ tools, flint and steel, a turtoiseshell silk rope, two (2) smoke sticks, a potion of acid resistance, and six (6) sacks.

She owns 7870 gold pieces.


She is a high achiever.

She is motivated to enter the dungeon to hunt with her dog.

She witnessed the gruesome immolation of Mars Varno (Numenhalla IV).

She plundered the Metallic Vaults of Freya (Numenhalla V).

She had a reputation at orgies.

She stole a cloak and boots of elvenkind from the Brigand’s Secret. (Numenhalla VII).

She traveled to the Logos and slew its guardian. (Numenhalla VIII).


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